Experience the Difference CLARITY Can Make

When we are CLEAR, we are FREE to take ACTION!

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Hi I’m Linda Vettrus-Nichols, your Zone of Genius Clarity Coach.

I zero in on the clarity that lives in your Soul and not only energizes you, it moves you forward in your business, on your website, and for the book you know you have inside.

Confusion is the opposite of Clarity. It’s the enemy fosho!

It stops us from knowing what we want to do, what services to provide, and how much to say on our websites so they translate to the visitor.

Getting CLEAR doesn’t have to take months, weeks, or even days. My clients get results in just minutes because we are working at the level of the Soul.

Why would you want to invest in hiring someone when you aren’t even clear on what you really want? Perhaps you know what you want, how good you are, and you’re just not sure how to put it into words.

No worries, I’m all about biggest bang for your buck. I get it, that’s why I offer a

Complimentary Transformational Clarity Session

I am the coach who cuts through the clutter, the noise, and the doubt. I believe every entrepreneur and coach deserves to build a business around what they love. For me it’s Glamping and traveling with my husband and our total Diva Shih Tzu pup Gracie.

In my world you don't Have To do anything, you Get To. I believe that fantasizing about the impossible is totally reasonable, striving for satisfaction is a must, and at the end of the day love and solid relationships are all that matter.

It's been said that I'm the perfect mix of your loving sister, sassy best friend, and eclectic great aunt who always has a crazy and interesting story to tell… the coach with the practical action steps and kick in the pants you need.

What clients are saying:

“Within the first 5 minutes of my Complimentary Transformational Clarity Session, I went from not knowing the direction I really wanted to take to making a clear decision and knowing my next steps.” ~P. Morgan


“Before I came to work with Linda I knew I wanted to write a book. Little did I know that she would help me with so much more!

My brain has many tabs open at one time and Linda not only has helped me learn which is the most important, but to focus and take ownership of it to finally get it done. Actually, without her help I couldn’t ‘get it done’, because she is the ‘yeast to my ingredients’. Linda helps my ideas ‘rise and grow’ into  something I knew COULD happen, but just didn’t know HOW.

Thank you Linda for your coaching guidance and for the nuggets of information you offer to us in your books. ~Melissa Geonova Castner