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Aligning the educational needs of your children

while building a thriving, meaningful, and successful business.


You can support your child’s innate capacity to learn whether you homeschool or not.

Successful Patterning begins in
5 minutes a day!

Step-by-step strategies
to make your vision of success a reality.

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“With the Successful Patterns for Learning...

I am not replicating a school system in my home, I am supporting my children's innate capacity to learn from their environment, community, and experience.” -Steena Marie Brown, Parent

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I have over 30 years experience in

special needs education
and I’m a Mindful Mompreneur myself!

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Every child has different needs around how they can best 

learn the basics of Math, Reading, Handwriting, and Spelling.


The crucial factor is correct imprinting of

Foundational Patterns


Body/Brain Connections.

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Successful Patterns for Learning will equip your child to

retrieve information quickly, remain calm in times of change,

and process new information throughout their life.

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Success in learning naturally creates a positive impact upon how well your child listens and engages in conversation.

When children feel understood they develop a closer bond with you.

Successful Patterning begins in
5 minutes a day!

In this FREE Gift, you will receive a 5 Movement video for linking the brain, consonant and vowel blending strips, and a number poem with specific movements for number formation.

I work with typically developing learners birth through eight years old and DIY Mindful Mompreneurs who love synergy and like to get things done fast so they can spend more time with their family.