"Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

WWRW is my favorite book. I read it pre and post divorce. I am currently in The Paperback Goddess book club hosted by Steena Marie. This is the book we have been studying. We've been talking about the river beneath the river which represents a woman's creative life. That pure river of life that is a woman's creative process.

A woman whose creative life is dwindling experiences a sensation of poisoning, deformation and a desire to kill off everything. Subsequently she is driven to seemingly endless searching through the wreckage for her former creative potential.

As a transformational performance improvement coach and project support partner my new clients come to me with the same back story of how they let their business fall apart or left everything behind to star anew. I get that because I left a 33 year 'starter marriage'. 

The story of La Llorna, considered a shiver story, like a ghost story, is about caring for our creative life and not so much about what it produces.

You may have a crappy life, a dirty river running through you and yet keeping the river beneath the river clear and pure is essential because that is the river that nourishes everything we create. It infuses us with energy and strengthens our life.

Biggest moon yet, on its way!

Biggest moon yet, on its way!