Vital Restoration

As women, our energy drops when we aren’t doing what we love. Burnout comes when we are doing for others and not ourselves. And then, sometimes out of nowhere, we get a wake-up call. We awaken from our deep slumber able to feel our pain, see our struggle, own our power, and create radical change.

We reclaim our soul and once again tap into our creative fire. We tap back into our wild nature knowing instinctively when things must die and when things must live, when to stay and when to leave. This is a force that lies beneath us. It raises us up to do our psychic work.

Coming from a visceral place in our being it can appear out of nowhere or be felt as a gradual atmospheric pressure before the storm. It helps us to live with innate integrity and healthy boundaries. It helps us to remember who we are and what we are all about. This is a force that cannot be reckoned with.

She brings with her great light and consciousness, ears for the soul and eyes for the heart, an actual knowing of the soul.

She regulates our heart and guards our health.

She allows us to remember why we are here.

She resides in the gut, not in the head.

She is utterly essential to women’s mental and soul health.

She is the female soul.

She is the source of the feminine.

She is intuition, the far-seer, the deep listener, that all knowing sense within. She is the voice that says,”Where are you?” “Wake up, wake up!” “Come, go this way.” “Keep going, keep going.” “Never give up!” 

When we awaken is when we begin to truly live. As we investigate our deepest darkest places we increase our soul power. When we remember to feed our soul, we are then successful in our own eyes as well as in the eyes of others.


“Many things will catch your eye, but follow only those that capture your heart.”
                                                                                                                            -Priya Sher


Tis the season all year long!

Tis the season all year long!