Traps of the Female Psyche--Trap #1

Excerpts from "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Remember when you were a child and you found out that you couldn't do yourself in by holding your breath? Blessedly there is something like that in the Soul/Psyche as well. It takes over and forces us to take full breaths of good air.

Truly we know we cannot really subsist on sneaking little sips of air/life.

The wild force in a woman's Soul demands that she have access to it. We can stay alert and take in the things that are right for us.

One of the most insidious attacks on the wild self is to be directed to perform properly, implying a reward will follow (if ever). This kills off any opportunity to expand.

The wild self is alert and responsive to any given moment or moments, not locked into a repetitive pattern of behavior. The wild self has noticing skills. When the wild self is pushed down, the unsupported woman will sneak things.

Sneaking a life because the real one is not given room enough to thrive is hard on a woman's vitality. Captured and starved, women sneak all kinds of things.

They sneak bits and pieces.

They may write, but secretly so they have no support, no feedback.

It is deadly to be without a confidant, without a guide, without a tiny cheering section.