Traps of The Female Psyche--Trap #2

The Polluted River and the Uninitiated Woman

In this blog post we will focus on two stories from the book "Woman Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes: "La Llorna" and "The Handless Maiden"

In La Llorna we learn that even though our lives can be really crappy (the polluted river) we can stay sane by keeping the river beneath the river clean. How? By doing things that we love and diving deep into our creativity.

So what is the river beneath the river? It's our Wild Woman, our creativity, our Soul and the reason for our existence. It's what drives us and compels us to go within and just be. It's our life blood and if we allow it to become polluted, the things we love will die and then we will die.

There are various stages of initiation, within the female psyche, that we go through in life. 

In the Handless Maiden we see the culmination of the book WWRWTW. This story takes us through the various stages of initiation of the Female Psyche.

There is also a chart in this book of those stages from Birth to 105+. It is on page 448 in my copy of "Women Who Run with the Wolves".