The Handless Maiden--Initiation #4 Finding Love In The Underworld

The maiden floated into the garden and supped on a pear. The magician came close enough to her to ask her a question. "Are you of this world or not of this world?" And the maiden answered, "I was once of this world, and yet I am not of this world." Like becoming born again. The rebirth born of the spirit. The awakening of the fact that we are humans embodied by our spirit, our holy spirit, our divine spirit, connected to all divinity. Bringing about the understanding that in the spirit world and in the seen world we are all connected.

If we died and were thrown into the woods our body would decay and turn into dust that would be absorbed by the trees and plants as nutrients and eaten by the worms and insects and as food for the birds, etc. We would even become the animals as they foraged through the woods eating the plants or other animals. 

Okay, back to the story: The King was delighted that she was not just a spirit and said he would care for her. Now the maiden is attracting a strong healthy Animus, unlike her father who suffered from a weak Animus. 

The King brought the maiden to his castle and made her a pair of silver hands, which fastened to her arms. And then he married her.

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