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Hi I'm Linda Vettrus-Nichols your Performance Improvement Coach and Go To Source for finding the gaps that are keeping  Soul-centered female entrepreneurs from moving forward with ease. 

I’ve always been able to make sense of things and I can smell bullshit a million miles away. I rode into this world on a vehicle of not knowing who I am. And because of that I’ve taken tons of personality assessments, dove deep into Christianity, and studied the work of Eckhart Tolle, Clarisa Pinkola Estes, and David Hawkins.

I created a way to repattern and connect my client with her Soul.

This process teaches her how to find her Authentic Vibration, the one that brings clients to her with ease. I also teach her how to create her own Authentic  Pricing.          

I believe it is important to access your essence, listen to your Soul, and become a fully embodied woman.

Notice →  Release →  Shift →  Focus

That's what Clarity is all about!

Focus     Focus     Focus

So how do you attain focus? Let's talk about it...

Vibrational Design Assessment


Vibrational Design Assessment

Your Powerful Attractor Factor

"Never heard of Vibrational Design. What is it?"

It's your powerful attractor energy field that pulls in your Authentic Ideal Clients, creates your Authentic Pricing, and reveals your Authentic Vibration.

It's a deep dive into your own essence.

How do I learn more?

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1:1 Coaching with Linda Vettrus-Nichols

Clarity, Action, Visibility (30 Day package)

If you are looking to be seen, be heard, and get your message out into the world then this package is for you.

Spend 30 Days with Linda, your Project Support Partner. Move as quickly as you'd like on YOUR next steps. Develop deep clarity and focus while releasing what no longer serves you. This package includes the Transformational Vibration Assessment as well as an online interview with ppt., 100 word bio in first person, and a Published book with your message. 

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