Clarity, Action, Visibility (30 Day package)

If you are looking to be seen, be heard, and get your message out into the world then this package is for you.

Do you know what you want and can't quite put it into words?

Are you looking for more clarity and support identifying your niche, creating your tagline, implementing your marketing message, and knowing what to say when you get the "What do you do?" question? 

Spend 30 Days with Linda developing deep clarity, an online interview with slides and 100 word bio in first person. This package includes the Transformational Vibration Assessment.

You will receive the Mp4 and a transcription of your interview that you can use for blog posts, social media, and other marketing content. The Powerpoint slides that Linda will create and brand for you will become the outline for your book as well as your Signature Talks for speaking gigs.

The perfect package even if, and especially if, you are already working with a coach!

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR)The following packages include The CR Process 

This is a process my husband Terry Earthwind Nichols and I created and together we further developed. We started using this process to release entrepreneurs from self-sabotage and procrastination. I am a Master CR Practitioner who is able to guide my client to find and defuse an unknown block that drives behavior patterns and keeps a person feeling STUCK. See info. about the Active Block. 

The Active Block

This particular block is not just a blind spot. It has the ability to outwit even the most experienced of coaches. Through our  research we are now able to pull back the curtain revealing the unknown source that actively avoids, diverts, and deflects its presence. My clients find the peace and breakthroughs they are looking for in their business and their lives.

Evolutionary means Eve of Illumination...

Illuminate (1:1 Coaching)

Projet Focused Business Coaching

(6 month Brain Re-patterning Experience)


CR Session: I'll be your guide. Together we will find your Active Block and unplug it so you can be who you were meant to be in this world with a new neuro-pathway that instantly takes you to your Soul.

The Active Block attacts negative people and events into your life that are keeping you in self-sabotage, procrastination, and the go, go, go mode of Post Traumatic Stress.

During this 2-3 hour session you will unplug and release the vibrational/electrical source that's been running your life.

7 Days of Journaling from your Soul

CR Journaling from your Soul is a unique proprietary journaling process.

Hate to journal? Me too!

That's why I created this amazing way to journal only what is coming up for you from your Soul, not your Pain Body or your Ego.

90 min. VIP Session

Now that you are free to fully access your Soul, you will...

-discover a schedule that works

-find & clearly articulate your message

-be clear on how to access your energetic focus

-make intuitive decisions from your Soul

Checks & Balances


-What's coming up for you? Why? Why not?

-What is your next step?

-Are you using noticing skills?


-How do we get you back on track (if necessary)?

-What will reinforce your self re-patterning?

-What keeps you balanced even when life happens?

-Types of Triggers & their intensities

-Staying out of Ego and avoiding triggers

Solidifying Your Message, one minute elevator pitch based on your story of transformation and that of your ideal client. Facts tell, stories sell. Understanding the importance of your 100 and 50 word bios in first and third person. You will co-create your bio with me. Have no fear, I am killer good at creating first person bios. Third person bios are a piece of cake for me as well.

Understanding Your Authentic Value


Authentic Pricing

When & how to increase your prices for current clients.

Projects and Launches

Who does what? I am a hands-on Project Coach. It's almost like having a your own personal Virtual Assisstant.

Why? Because I believe in the well supported woman!

Inspire (6 month private coaching with group mastermind)

These 6 months of intense project focused transformation includes a CR to get you unstuck and moving forward quickly. It’s for those who want to take their business to the next level. Break free from areas that are holding you back so that you can perform and execute with more confidence and consistency.

This half-year of transformation is for you if you are on a tight budget and seek help from various sources. For example a brander, social media specialist, webmaster including: creation–strategy–launch–maintenance, relationship marketing specialist, event planner, book specialist, accountability coach, content creation: Messaging, Copywriting, Freebie, Newsletter, Signature System, Launch coordinator and Business Consultant. There is also plenty of help with learning or improving your sales conversations. This package includes the Secrect Inspire Facebook Group and group mastermind online events.

The perfect package even if, and especially if, you are already working with a coach!

An evolutionary six months of intense project creation, strategy, and launch. A hands-on-way to learn how to create profits and higher conversion rates so you can more than support yourself and give to others in a big way. It’s about creating a new vision for the world and how you can have a clear, calming, and transformative role within the energy of the New World.

Ignite: VIP Immersion Day (includes The CR Process + 60 Days of follow-up)

Are you ready to blast through your foundational block with The CR Process? Imagine 6 months of coaching breakthroughs in one day with 60 days of follow-up. Your customized VIP Day includes positioning yourself in your target market and empowering you with a step-by-step growth plan you can implement immediately to move your business forward. If you do not need long term consistent support, this day is for you. It is also for you if you are in another coaching program and know you want help that is tailored to your unique profile.