Evolutionary means Eve of Illumination

Congratulations to our 2019 award winners! The Women of Enlightenment award is a monthly award given to a woman who inspires others from the level of her Soul. These women have done their own inner work and consider themselves a work in progress. They are world leaders who share their struggles and wisdom in a most powerful and individual way. I’m sure you will enjoy the video interviews they did with me. Hugs, Linda Vettrus-Nichols, CEO of Evolutionary Healer, LLC

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Suzie Welstead

Suzie is a happiness life coach for trauma survivors and victims of domestic violence. She has a huge passion to help create a bright and better future for her clients. She empowers them to explore the happiness within, which they have suppressed due to life experiences and conditioning. Suzie herself experienced homelessness at the age of 17 in order to escape emotional, mental, and physical abuse. She believes that the next generation needs us more than ever. Her mission and message is ‘believe 2 achieve 4ever’. Suzie loves walking, water colours, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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Dorie Silverman

After suffering from medical trauma and initially unknown birth trauma, Dorie has struggled with anxiety and depression most of her life. She often asks herself this question, “What is the place inside of me where I can find my truth.?”

Dorie believes that it is important to marinate in pleasure and then take action. She now works with women over 40 and settles their shit through somatic experiencing, yoga, and spirituality, while bringing pleasure and enjoyment back into their lives. She does this without diving into all of the horrible things that happened to you or the story around them.

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Mercedes Samudio

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mercedes has a private coaching practice. She has worked with various family units and even children living with mental illness.

Mercedes seeks to empower parents to believe that they are already great guides for raising healthy, happy children. She believes that shame proofing your parenting is more about raising humans who understand the journey of being empathic with themselves.

She is the author of Shame Proof Parenting.

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Paula Burt

An illuminary leader who empowers individuals to expand their lives and businesses. Having a 16 year financial planning background as well as being a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Facilitator, and Yoga Instructor... Paula Burt is a bridge between the business and metaphysical worlds. Known as the Galactic Shaman, Paula has obtained the rights from the Q-ero tribe and beyond. She commands the energy of spaces to vibrate at a higher rate and teaches others to do the same. Paula is known to see into a Soul’s core and brings in a field of love energy that allows a being to be fully seen and accepted.


Antonina Andreeva

Antonina is a coach and mentor for the awakened, purpose driven woman who is ready to have a big impact on the world.

Antonina passionately believes the world would be a better place if more people were truthful and honest about what sets their heart alight. You will often hear hear say, “The Soul is here to experience the experience.” When Antonina is not coaching clients, she’s likely found travelling to faraway places and creating experiences, in communion with the elements at the nearest beach, or wrestling her young daughter into bed.


Demme Matheos

After being hospitalized for what looked like a heart attack by age 42, Demme decided that she didn’t want to leave her then 6 year old son motherless.

Losing her own mother by age 15 from health issues, Demme was determined to make a difference in her own life as well as for others. By setting doable health goals, she was able to get off of 8 meds including 2 for diabetes.

Demme is known as The F*ck Perfect Health Coach.


Brenda J. King

Mentor for intuitive women, Brenda inspires her clients to grow, heal, and take empowered action toward their dreams. She believes that freedom, ease, joy, and abundance ARE an option.

Brenda has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and along with her husband, owns a private clinic in which they both practice. Being a grandmother and an avid horse woman, breaking colts, and entering horse shows are her biggest passions.


Tania Gerard

After years of trying life THEIR way, Tania left the expectations of family behind. She was 28 years old and ready to discover who she was and what she wanted to create.

Tania believes that our lives are the sum of our choices. Her 2 girls are her inspiration.

As The Congruency Coach, Tania empowers her clients to connect with their feelings, renew their beliefs, and make confident, sustainable decisions.


Steena Marie

A Sexual Embodiment Facilitator who believes that your sexual issues are communication issues. Steena is the author of Worship HER a dynamic book about sexuality and how it expresses WHO you are and what influences the way you connect with others. Steena loves sharing the secrets to unapologetic living, the art of successful relationships, and growth-focused communication with her coaching clients.

Steena Marie is the author of Worship HER: Resurrect Your Pleasure Embody Your Sexual Power & Live Unapologetically for YOU.

"An empowered Soul sees the world through the lens of Enlightenment, which is the 2nd highest vibration to be embodied, Alignment being the 1st… then LOVE can be what it was meant to be for all. Inner Peace will get us to World Peace."

~Linda Vettrus-Nichols