Brutal Loss in Fairy Tales

Why are there such brutal episodes in fairy tales? The brutal motif is an ancient way of causing the emotive self to pay attention to a very serious message.

From the fairy tale the Handless Maiden, the fact that both the Handless Maiden and the King suffered through the same seven-year-long initiation is the common ground between feminine and masculine--proving there can be profound love, especially if it is rooted in the seeking of one's own self.

Our psychic work is to wander into the forest again and again. When we come out we are still friendly, but beneath the skin, we are most definitely no longer tame. Deep intuition has set in. We have passed through another stage of psychic initiation. We have regained our noticing skills and are not easily fooled. We are clothed with psychic hairs that rise up and warn us of danger and keep us alert, no longer at the mercy of the Predator.

Finding oneself is not only a relief, it is a must for our survival. Really knowing who we are changes us and our environment...those around us are forced to change. It's like energetic dominos, when one domino changes position it touches another and changes its position. Having our own point of view allows others to check-in with their point of view.

Living fully present from your Soul is about noticing what is coming up for you as your body and mind begin to shift. The following truths have helped me to dance in my own flow. They are the spiritual truths that I teach my clients, to see what is really important to them and to be inspired by their own dance, getting them in touch with who they really are. I invite you to experience the gifts in all of them.

#1 Reclaim the REAL You. Your Soul knows who you are and why you are here. You are not here to heal, but to remember. We all come from the same source. We have forgotten who we are and why it is important to encourage one another. Together we complete each other and that which is to be remembered. This in turn creates clarity. By listening to your Soul you will know when you are DONE with a marriage, a job, a lifestyle or even an addiction.

#2 Stand in YOUR Truth. There is great emotional freedom in living and standing in your truth. “I think” -  “I can’t” -  “I don’t know”  are all lies. Stop lying and start living out your own civic engagement. Make a difference. We’re not born to be alone. We are born to be seen and understood; to love ourselves so we can love others in our community. At the end of the day, it’s not what you are, but who you are. Be genuine, be real, be authentic, and be in the moment. Feed your own Soul and you will be successful in your own eyes as well as in the eyes of others.

#3 Open YOUR Receiving Channels. When we are stressed we tend to push out, interrupt, and start thinking of what we will say next. Taking a breath helps us to receive what the other person is saying. Self-care is another way to open our receiving channels. When we don’t feel well supported it’s because we are not taking care of ourselves and not delegating to others.

#4 Pay Attention to YOUR Creative Patterns. When are they? What do you do that gets your creative juices flowing? What is your tempo? What costume are you wearing today? Is it the one that serves you, allows you to feel and be yourself as you tune into your own vibrations? I help my clients create, understand, and re-pattern their inner peace by starting with myself.

#5 Know YOUR Vision. Dreams that come true have plans, plans are supported by goals. Setting a goal is about setting an intention. Taking consistent action and attaining small goals builds confidence. Lack of self-worth and self-confidence results in ‘lack mentality’. If you are coming from a place of lack, you are actually lowering the vibration of the planet. You will never know your vision until you reach out and help others. They will point out your gifts and what you did to really help them. What energy moves you forward, excites you to do and be more than you are today?

#6 Serve Yourself First. At the dinner table we are taught to serve our company first. When we put the needs of others first, we have less energy to help them. This way of life can also lead us into a ‘dis-ease’ state. There is a price to pay living from such a place.

On an airplane we are taught to put on our own oxygen mask first so we can safely help others. Why must we wait for our first airplane ride to learn this lesson?

#7 Know Your REAL Love. It’s not about finding the love of your life, it’s about finding you and loving you so the love of your life can appear. This will empower you to love your life no matter what. If you have a man who loves you unconditionally then you are doing the same for yourself. If you have a man who never puts you down and feels you are ‘just right’ or the ‘perfect fit’ then you are doing the same for yourself. Loving you, loving me.

We lose power when we are not walking at the level of our Soul. This is when our perception governs our reality.

My intention is to make sure that every woman remembers how to walk at the level of her Soul.


Here’s one of my favorite quotes...

“Become unapologetically your truest self. “     ~Wild Woman Sisterhood