The Handless Maiden--Initiation #5 The Harrowing of the Soul

The King was delighted that she was not just a spirit and said he would care for her. Now the maiden is attracting a strong healthy Animus, unlike her father who suffered from a weak Animus. 

The King brought the maiden to his castle and made her a pair of silver hands, which fastened to her arms. And then he married her.

In time the King waged war in a far-off land. He asked his mother to care for his young queen for he loved her with all of his heart. He told his mother, "If she gives birth to a child, send me a message right away."

The young queen did give birth to a happy, healthy babe. The king's mother immediately sent a message to her son. On the way, the 'messenger' got tired and coming to a river felt sleepier and sleepier and finally fell sound asleep at the river's edge. The Devil crept out from behind a tree and 'switched' the message. Now the message read that the young queen had given birth to a child that was half dog.

The king was horrified, yet sent back a message saying to love his queen and care for her in this terrible time. The messenger ran back towards the castle with the message. However, as he approached the river, he began to fell heavier and heavier like he had just eaten a feast. And once again he fell sound asleep at the river's edge. AND once again, the devil switched the message. This time the message said, "Kill the queen and the baby." When the messenger delivered the message, the king's mother was shaken by his request. She sent another message to confirm. The messages flew back and forth, the Devil intercepting them each time. The final message said, "Keep the tongue and eyes of the queen to prove she has been killed."

The old mother could not bear to kill the sweet young queen and the babe, her grandchild. Instead she became rather savvy and sacrificed a doe, removing the tongue and eyes and hiding them for safe keeping until her son returned. Then she helped the young queen bind her infant to her breast and veiling her she said she must flee for her life. The women wept and kissed each other good-bye.

The realm of the Wild Woman is deep within the forest, deep in the underground forest.

This was the deepest, darkest forest the young queen had ever seen / experienced!

That night near dark the same spirit in white, who had helped the maiden before, appeared and guided her to an inn run by kindly woods people. Another maiden in a white gown took the queen inside and knew her by name. The baby was laid down.

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This was the deepest, darkest forest the young queen had ever seen / experienced!

This was the deepest, darkest forest the young queen had ever seen / experienced!